Liturgy Around Worry

Call to Worship

We carry our worries in our invisible suitcase. It is overflowing with concerns over health, money, family, and much more.
We will breathe in the peace of this sacred space and breathe out the tensions of life.
Our worries mask the colors of the rainbow and shout out the songs of the birds.
We will pull off the veil so our sight is restored. We will unstop our ears so we can hear.
Our worries bind us to past events and the uncertain future.
We will ground ourselves in the present, recognizing God in the here and now.
God is present in the everyday moments if we but open ourselves to the divine.
In the middle of the chaos of our lives, we will find peace.

Loving God, you are well aware of all the worries we carry; worries that weigh us down, crushing our ability to respond to your outstretched hand. You sprinkle our days with reminders of your love but we are blinded by fear. You give us sights and sounds that are heaven on earth but it is the stress in our lives that rivets our attention. Shake us free from that which binds us. Unlock our prison doors so we may find you waiting for us, hiding in plain sight. And when we at last lay down our burdens, may we know the comfort of your faithful presence. Amen.