What Is to Become of Me?

Parents kissing and fighting
loving imperfectly
children waiting at the door
unasked question on their lips
what is to become of me

War, killing, neighbor against neighbor
the long journey towards safety
mothers and babies crying
fathers grim with worry
unknown language and unfriendly strangers
separation from family
terrifying aloneness
what is to become of me

Tummy hungry, hair uncombed
dirty hands and face
mama working three jobs
children caring for children
no end in sight
what is to become of me

Who will comfort these lost children
who will answer their prayers
who will help them find their way
back to peace
and a joyful childhood

Parents, caregivers, teachers, pastors
grandparents, counselors, coaches
good samaritans
you and me

Together we will extend
our hands and hearts
offering hope
food for body and soul
safety, home, a place to belong
time to play

We will watch all our children grow
healthy and strong
loving and kind
with needs met
and the question answered
what will become of me


Caught between two worlds
childhood and maturity
striving to be independent
needing to be nurtured
confused and belligerent
a cocktail of emotions

Feeling small and insignificant
sometimes too big for one’s britches
knowing everything
understanding little

Peers become the lifeline
belonging the driving force
behind decisions
wrong turns have consequences
life becomes real

Terrified but eager
Driven by the instinctual need
to leave the nest
teens fling themselves out
into the universe
parents pray they have wings

Some soar
Some tumble
Some teeter on the edge
Some come home again
Some find themselves
Some are lost souls

Forces too strong to comprehend
Winds that scoop up
and thrust down
Impatient to be an adult
Fledgelings in need of guidance
Too proud to ask

A listening ear
affirmation and encouragement
reminders of strengths
cheerleaders not critics
go a long way
to support
these fragile new beginnings


A newborn
conceived and brought into this world
the result of a myriad of circumstances
utterly dependent and exposed

a half blank slate
written on by genetics
born out of God’s own heart
slipped into a world
that will write this child’s history

eyes that will see
ears that will hear
skin that will be touched
a mind to be filled
a heart ready
a soul to be fed

a newborn
placed in our care
sacred responsibility
worthy of our best
open to our worst


Wake up!
Wake up!
Open your eyes!
Do you see?
Do you see?

There is beauty
in the ordinary;
the plain gives birth
to the magnificent.
Inside everything
is a diamond,
a pearl
ready to burst forth.

Not readily seen,
you must wait.
Patient as the sunrise,
wait for the beauty,
trusting it will emerge.

Your reward
will be gladness
that you were there
to see the splendor,
the presence of God.


Anger, hurt, fear
burns like a red hot coal
or smoldering ember
in the belly.
Unease pervades the
peace within;
restlessness ruins
No longer living
in the moment,
thoughts turn
over and over
to the wrong done.
Like a slow leak,
energy for living
is drained.

The grace of
is the healing path,
a return to wholeness,
given to us by God.
Found deep in our souls,
birthed by prayer,
held like an infant
in distress,
forgiveness is often
a struggle, a
When embraced
and celebrated,
peace is restored.


Something cracks open in me
when I give to you.
My heart feels larger,
my hands gentler,
my eyes softer.
I no longer think of my own pain;
my attention is riveted on you:
your needs,
your feelings,
your world.

I am transformed by this giving.
I am Christ’s hands ministering to His children.
I am Christ’s feet moving among His people.
I am Christ’s heart loving His beloved.
I am who God meant me to be.

The door flings open
between God and me.
No barriers, no walls, no excuses.
Only the desire to serve –
to give what I have,
to give who I am
to you.


Demands an open heart
Suspension of fear
Striping away of the protective barrier
Commitment to vulnerability

Encourages kindness
Unencumbered motivation
Visions of potential

Embraces all that I am
All that you are
All that we can be