Caught between two worlds
childhood and maturity
striving to be independent
needing to be nurtured
confused and belligerent
a cocktail of emotions

Feeling small and insignificant
sometimes too big for one’s britches
knowing everything
understanding little

Peers become the lifeline
belonging the driving force
behind decisions
wrong turns have consequences
life becomes real

Terrified but eager
Driven by the instinctual need
to leave the nest
teens fling themselves out
into the universe
parents pray they have wings

Some soar
Some tumble
Some teeter on the edge
Some come home again
Some find themselves
Some are lost souls

Forces too strong to comprehend
Winds that scoop up
and thrust down
Impatient to be an adult
Fledgelings in need of guidance
Too proud to ask

A listening ear
affirmation and encouragement
reminders of strengths
cheerleaders not critics
go a long way
to support
these fragile new beginnings

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