What Is to Become of Me?

Parents kissing and fighting
loving imperfectly
children waiting at the door
unasked question on their lips
what is to become of me

War, killing, neighbor against neighbor
the long journey towards safety
mothers and babies crying
fathers grim with worry
unknown language and unfriendly strangers
separation from family
terrifying aloneness
what is to become of me

Tummy hungry, hair uncombed
dirty hands and face
mama working three jobs
children caring for children
no end in sight
what is to become of me

Who will comfort these lost children
who will answer their prayers
who will help them find their way
back to peace
and a joyful childhood

Parents, caregivers, teachers, pastors
grandparents, counselors, coaches
good samaritans
you and me

Together we will extend
our hands and hearts
offering hope
food for body and soul
safety, home, a place to belong
time to play

We will watch all our children grow
healthy and strong
loving and kind
with needs met
and the question answered
what will become of me

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