Welcoming a New Pastor

We widen the circle of friendship.
We welcome you with joy!
We delight in getting to know you.
We welcome you with excitement!
We celebrate the new paths we will create together.
We welcome you with anticipation!
We invite you into our hearts and homes.
We welcome you with generous hospitality!
We gratefully embrace your gifts and talents.
We are ready for this new adventure and we
look forward to growing in faith with you.

Prayer of Hospitality

Holy and loving God, we are called together today to worship you. We come fresh from the world, some of us are harried and anxious, others are lonely and sad. Joy fills some hearts while others are heavy with grief.
Come, Jesus, come and show us the power of your love.
We gather as friends, and not-yet-friends. People drawn here with a common need: to know the affection and comfort of God and each other.
Come, Jesus, come and teach us the power of your love.
We greet one another with loving-kindness, Christ’s light glowing in our eyes. We touch each other with the gentleness that comes as we bear the burdens of the other.
Come, Jesus, come and mirror in us the power of your love.
We unite as Christians, born through baptism to be the hands and feet, the heart and soul of Jesus. We see the people sitting with us as Jesus sees them, without judgement or blame.
Come, Jesus, come and lead us with the power of your love.
We forgive the sins of the past and embrace the possibilities of the future. Each person here has a place among us. All of us belong to the family of God. We are brothers and sisters in Christ.
Come, Jesus, come and fill us with the power of your love.

Hymn They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love The Faith We Sing, #2223