Call to Worships

  1. Nothing seems to be special about this Sunday; it is an ordinary day.
    No surprises, no ahas – just ordinary worship.
    A time to pray, to sing, to greet friends and visitors, to hear God’s Word…
    Maybe today will not be ordinary…
    We worship an extraordinary God,
    Who is made known in extraordinary ways!
    We need to wake up, watch, and listen.
    We are in God’s presence – anything can happen!

2. Come into this sacred space; you are welcome here.
This is God’s house and we are God’s children.
God greets us with open arms and a heart full of love.
We know we belong here, that we are a family.
We are the Body of Christ, full of his Spirit.
Let us worship together with joy!

3. The noise of greeting is hushed.
We prepare our hearts and minds for worship.
Lay aside the troubles and burdens of the world.
We expect to encounter God here in this place.
May this experience bring you peace.
And may the peace of Christ fill you also.

4. Look around! See the beauty of this sacred space.
The light and colors reflect the wonder of God.
Hear the music of the organ and choir.
The melodies and harmony ring forth the beauty of God.
Speak the ancient words of Scripture.
The text resounds with the wisdom of God.
We are here to find God…
God is all around us!

5. Come in! Welcome to this house of worship!
We rejoice to be in the presence of God.
What are your hopes for this hour?
To meet God face-to-face in the Word, in
the music, in prayer, and in my neighbor.

May you find what you are looking for!
We are open and willing to experience God.

6. You are the invited guests of God.
We are humbled by God’s invitation.
In the singing, praying, and preaching,
God waits for you.
We are ready to meet God, fully open
to receive God’s love and grace.

What will you give in return?
We will offer these gifts to our neighbors
and seek to make a difference in the world.

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