World Communion Call to Worships


Leader: Welcome to World Communion Sunday!

All: Imagine! The whole world sitting at the same table!

Leader: Gathered together to remember our Lord…

All: in the eating of the bread and the drinking of the juice.

Leader: All colors, cultures, languages, and customs melded

into the Body of Christ.

All: All nations at peace at Christ’s table. Glory be to God!


Leader: In a world where hate seeps into every corner,

All: God’s love will always fill the room.

Leader: When our prejudices deny people their dignity,

All: God’s love will always lift them up.

Leader: When we ignore our neighbor’s needs,

All: God’s love will always care for them.

Leader: On this World Communion Sunday,

All: may God’s love give us the courage to

meet hate with love, erase our prejudices,

and care for our neighbors.  Amen.


Leader: In this holy place all hatreds, bitternesses, and strife

can be set aside.

All: All prejudices and favoritism are forgotten.

Leader: We become one community, one nation, and one

world under God’s loving care.

All: We can love each other as brothers and sisters

in Christ.

Leader: In this bread and juice we can find commonality

as the Spirit connects us, one to another.

All: Hand in hand we celebrate God’s vision of

peace throughout God’s creation.

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